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Miko Sleepovers

Get ready for an unforgettable experience.

Themed sleepover experience delivered to your home for the ultimate slumber party.

How it works:

Sit back and relax while we deliver and setup a dreamy themed sleepover to your home!

Choose a theme, provide some basic details, and we'll take care of the rest.


Existing Themes:

Price: $59/Tent + Delivery. Add Professional setup for just $15/tent.

($50 for delivery within 30 miles of our HQ)

Removing or substituting an item in our inventory can be done at no additional cost.

Exact items in a theme may vary in the event we cannot source additional pieces.

Most Popular Themes:

Existing Themes

Custom Themes:

Choose any theme - We will create it for you.

Starting at just $150 (+ standard sleepover rate)

Included In All Sleepovers:

Theme of your choice

Handmade A-Frame Tents or white Teepees

Inflatable Twin Air Mattresses

Fitted Sheets


Decorative Pillows

Breakfast Trays

Electric Lanterns/tea lights

String Lights






How much does a sleepover cost?


  • Existing theme sleepover - $59/Tent + Delivery
    ($50 for delivery within 30 miles of our HQ)

Add professional setup for just $15/tent

Custom Theme

Do you create custom themes?

We can create the theme of your choice for an additional $150.


How does a sleepover work

When you're ready to book, let us know the basics for your sleepover:

  • Theme

  • Number of tents

  • Professional or DIY setup

  • Date of the sleepover

Once we have all of your details, we will send an invoice to complete the booking. The booking is not complete, and we will not start preparing for your sleepover until the invoice is paid.


On the date of the event, we will arrive to setup the sleepover experience between 11am and 4pm and return the following day during the same timeframe for the pickup. 

If you use the DIY option, have everything packed and ready for pickup by 11am. 


How much space is needed

Each tent requires at least 4'x8'. These are not small. Make sure you have enough space before you book. 

Space must be clean and ready for setup when we arrive. We will not move your furniture.


What is included?

Theme of your choice

Handmade A-Frame Tents

Inflatable Twin Air Mattresses

Fitted Sheets


Decorative Pillows

Breakfast Trays

Electric Lanterns

String Lights

Not Included

Sleeping Pillows - For hygienic reasons, we only provide decorative pillows.

What do I need to provide?


What if I need to cancel or reschedule?

If you choose to reschedule for any reason, you must notify us at least 7 days before your event. You can reschedule for any date (subject to availability) within 6  months. Within 7 days, a $75 rescheduling fee will apply.

If you choose to cancel for any reason, no refund will be issued if the event is less than 2 weeks away. If the event is more than 2 weeks away, a 50% refund may be available.

Party Changes

What if I need to change the number of tents I need?

We will do the best we can to accommodate changes to the party size, but in order to add tents, we generally need to know at least 1 week before the event. We can reduce the party size by up to two tents until 1 week before the event. Reductions within a week of the event will only receive a refund for Professional Setup ($15/tent).

Travel Expenses

Events within 30 miles of our HQ in Dayton, MN, which covers the Twin Cities and most surrounding areas, are covered in the standard delivery fee ($50). Beyond 30 miles, additional charges apply.

Will there be any additional charges for travel?


What happens if something is damaged during my sleepover?

Accidents happen, but we like to avoid them as much as possible. Here are a few tips to avoid causing damage:

  • Keep pets away. Animal hair takes a lot of time for us to clean and is the quickest way to an excessive cleaning fee.

  • If you're going to have food, stick to dry foods like popcorn and avoid sauces - especial red sauces.

  • Set some common sense ground rules - No bouncing on the beds, standing on the tables, climbing on tents, or throwing things

In the event that an item is damaged or soiled, the following fees will apply:

  • Excessive Cleaning Fee - $10 per item. 

Damaged Items that need to be replaced:

  • A-Frame Tent-(wooden legs or dowels)-$25 each

  • Fabric Canopies- $50

  • LED Fairy Lighting- $5 per strip

  • Inflatable Mattresses- $20 

  • Fitted Sheets- $10

  • Blankets- $15

  • Decorative/Throw Pillows- $15

  • Adjustable Bed Tray-$25

  • Lantern- $10

  • Air Pump $25

Full Process

What are the details from start to finish?

  1. Submit the booking form

  2. We will reach out to get some clarifying details, answer any questions, and send an invoice.

  3. When the invoice is paid, we will add your event to our calendar (reserving your spot) and begin preparing for your event. If you have any specific details or inspo pics you want to share (for custom themes) we will use those in our planning.

  4. A day or two before your event, we will send an email with more details on what to expect including a time window for our arrival.

  5. On the day of the sleepover, we will arrive between 11 - 4pm (more specific time provided closer to the event). It is your responsibility to ensure someone is able to show us in, or provide alternate instructions on how we can enter and where we should set up.

    • DIY - We will deliver all of the equipment to your front door. If you will not be home, please provide us with instructions on a secure location we can deliver to. Setup takes ~15 minutes per tent for one person.​

    • Miko Setup - The location of the sleepover should already be clear of furniture or other items when we arrive. We will first take a look at the setup location, then start unloading and setting up. Setup can take up to 15 minutes per tent.

  6. On the day after the sleepover we will return between 11 - 4pm (more specific time provided closer to event). If you will not be home, please provide instruction on how can gain access to the sleepover/pickup area.​

    • DIY - Have every thing packed and ready, near the front door, for pickup.​

    • Miko Setup - Be sure to remove trash and personal items from the sleepover area before we arrive. We will pack up and carry out all sleepover equipment.


When do I pay?

Full payment is due when you book your sleepover.

If your sleepover is over a month away, we have an option to make 50% payment at booking and the remaining 50% 3 weeks before the event. Changes to tent count can easily be made up until the final payment is made.


We do not service apartments or hotels for events at this time. 

Can I have a sleepover in an apartment?

Sleepover Inquiry

Please double check your email address and reach out by email or Instagram if you haven't heard from us in 24 hours

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